Lost Early Poem: Madeline Gins’ 1973 INTEND


INTENDCoverReversible Destiny Lost Book Re-Release – INTEND, 1973

The long unfindable work INTEND (1973) by Madeline Gins, a work of pre-procedural lyricism, hand-republished here in foto-copy.


Before there were architectural procedures in the Reversible Destiny project, there were poetic and painterly procedures, constructions of language and color gearing the reader/viewer to continually reenter hir procedures of text- or work-constituting.


Together with Arakawa’s early paintings, Madeline’s early experimental writings lay the basis for landing site theory and the biotopology that are at the heart of Reversible Destiny today. Her Word Rain (1969) is a virtuosic classic of phenomenological prose lyricism, and the co-authored To Not to Die (1987) is the verse sutra of Reversible Destiny, already decided. Here, for the first time for many of you, is another work from this period: INTEND (1973), first published in Bologna, Italy with the 1978 issue of the experimental journal, Tau/ma.

Out-of-print and long unfindable, this PDF foto-copy is made available for your biotopoligical reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Not procedurality in the service of poetry, but poetry in the service of procedurality.