TEXT/AUDIO: Alan Prohm – Imaging Met Landing


imaging met landing

Alan Prohm

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– a biotopological romance


Imaging Met Landing – a biotopological romance – Read by Alan Prohm – min: 09:30

This text is the product of a single pauseless improvisation (so the time of its production is close to the time it takes to read) on the notions of landing and imaging in the landing site theory of Arakawa and Gins. Landing, the originary live intake of world through perception, corresponds here to A+G’s “perceptual landing sites”, while imaging stands for the rest of what goes on as landing sites, “imaging landing sites” and “architectural landing sites” each being degrees of imaging. To get a better feel for these terms, and the theory they animate, I engaged them in vocal/written performance as characteristic actions/characters acting in consort and/or in conflict at the basis of our world-making. Playing the two words off each other as names, terribly intimate, but empty of content other than the abstractest of imagined relations, and the fruits of chance in language, yielded this epic story of love and phenomenological striving. I dedicate it to Arakawa and Madeline.

Warning: In the sentences that follow, it is not always clear who is who.

imaging met landing

Alan Prohm

imaging met landing in the fall of

evidence on her retinas & upped

the ante of everything in-taken &

sold for granted


down river there was building

& landing supplies the chains learned

a suppleness early elegant

in relinquishment all water or amber in

angular freeforall


i takes input & i builds with it

i’s good at that



i begins with imaging but

landing’s where the there’s always actually at – will ya

get outta my way says

imaging to landing in her impatience I’m a

meaning something   landing says

landing does   imaging never answers she just

go figures everything dust of dubious

drumming onto the fabulous

castle windows of what it

really was or   supposed to



landing felt taken for granted of at times &

used for wasteful purposes

imaging plays cute & gateful to

redirect some of that earnestness into an edifice for herself



landing adds van

tage for imaging to fill with

the hole weft open at the beginning was

left open long thin lines

filter out from the infra

sifted dusty ether of infinity

skim milk powder dust rubber masked basketry matrix & appear to begin




landing winces & repins

stutter shatter cycles, skips & misses

masks things out with the intentional distractions neglects

resists some of the most fabulous impingements

or misses them by just failing to stay that long

& worst, truffles things up

you don’t want laying around on the earth that long

the way imaging did imaging sometimes wishes

this would all just go away



landing & imaging went

west together forever



an edifice of sunset

a windshield of rushing onward off into it



a fore-scaffolding & an evening in the air



fort setzung stood there

in their way   for ever








scatter pal            pate

the impingeing upstraction



landing lands, imaging &

imaging take it in & build






when the line trips wen

sometimes it gets a little thin

between them



landing lands & imaging aggregates

pre-tensile it front-loads &

she pro motes                        landing

is a thing in the eye &

imaging beams & removes it



landing has & imaging holds

landing makes the difference &

imaging knows it

imaging builds wholes en

semble assembly & a path from

presence to knowing what a chain



landing is always at home

but imaging has to grow things



imaging kept landing on a

leash of plain thinking landing

reacted by planting the inkling of a hand on the

heart in his head shed

thirteen layers of accumulates

& articulated onward   into the

infra-thin wavey grain

stream shag all round him she in-

clined to make something of her experience




landing landed and di-

verged from her

the wavey grain streamt onward &

imaging mirrored the stream




a slim particulate

a scant anthill of heaped awareness

a shiver in the reminiscence

this was all triggered up by imaging

landing was out collecting the wood




innuendo & infraspection are

all imaging’s business landing, well

landing lands

imaging expands

the territory for landing that’s something

landing fails to acknowledge just because

landing’s always constantly abandoning blur-

less puddle drunk born & re-lands




when of the fine in relevance

when of the very fit for matching

when of the insistence of resemblance one would

wish to speak to then what a

wonder of a word or a

week or an architecture one would need to

organize & do so then




see what in the image of

this seeing you seem to discern

seeing meaning, seeing means as much as the next guy & what

this leaves us with   again is

landing reboots what imaging upends

but in truth it’s imaging

decides the terrain landing disputes

this at every return but imaging

has learned that if she insists

landing whinces   — but landing whirs




landing skims the fine edge of a blade

lips pursed and fleshly peeled splitting

but only imaging ever gets wise to it or hurts


her view of the things is in itself enticing

but really it’s his ride, landing

stalls & causes pauses landing

breaches gaps & bridges rippings

to split-second switch & for imaging’s

sake make it seem seamless


landing prances, but imaging preens




landing strikes a chord

but doesn’t know it imaging

‘s already onto something

& landing keeps it going landing

feeds the fire but only imaging

gets the glow of it you know said

imaging to landing in the dark

you really get where you’re going don’t you

no we just look like that to you


landing snatches but it’s imaging choosing

a long shot whip lash fly cast caught

on the rim of the difference between




hitting the needle thin thing or missing it

landing looks but only imaging aims

sees the same thing again & again & everything

again & again &   gradually a pattern

emerges & imaging goes red in the

face & her chest heaves &





she loves landing so she

seams so she says landing

hears & so landing seems to,

still, if



landing leads

attention by a nose centripetal

on a scent that’s yellowing already &

alert to the enter

prises                        imaging gets the point

imaging holds the door

prizes at the end of every night but

the only one who’ll ever know what it’s like outside

is landing



landing sort of

sighs about it sometimes but

imaging notices

landing localises

thing- & self-hoods in dispersive mass



imaging is the accumulate’s strategy

to sustain itself – like capital

landing is the unalienated contact

imaging can’t help but run amok with




landing is touching the ontological stuff

in a quantum fluffy sort of way

imaging is the capitalization of that

into a universe of derivatives

but then this universe collapsed as

quickly again into the thin

end of an endless wedge,




landing is concomitant with the

world while imaging is in fact

where most of the action’s at




landing can’t stand the way

imaging keeps trying to pass

landing grabs but imaging always ends up with the bag

days & months go past as landing

never seems to happen

imaging just goes on without asking

little infinitessimal deflections deferring

the eventual return




it was a long time coming & landing

caught it   but only imaging could

appreciate the relief a whole train

wreck of impending implications filigrane wake

mirroring itself forward in a vane as far as

landing is concerned landing isn’t imaging

is its memory & its anticipation, if

you don’t like the weather imaging kept

saying just wait for a minute & it’ll

change it


landing wasn’t listening and landing wasn’t waiting



dim the shades of providence & elision

the input comes in & is clip-sorted

great precision goes on into the reporting &

imaging thwarts landing to within an inch

of his prision, an impression persistent

& a residue to sense way long goes the

light in imaging’s eye but landing

landing tows a line with just one point

at a time, and leaves it

to the imaging to reel




The whole artifice of intelligence under

standing science & observience to

wis-dom a scaffold trellising of trying to

place this is imaging’s thorny garden

-ing this is imaging’s shattered green

-ery – landing just nurtures the worms.


Landing has guts landing has nerve landing

has the angular tormentuous &

effortless swerve



elipenitent & clinamenate

elipenetrant & cure




imaging keeps thinking she’ll have the last word