PROCEDURES 02: Call for work


Procedures2precoverPROCEDURES Journal – Issue 02


Call: Seeking contributions to the second issue of PROCEDURES Journal, launched in January 2015 with a comme(more)ation of Madeline Gins and Arakawa. The aim of the journal is to host a thinking/doing further of the thinking/doing of Arakawa and Gins, and in particular to publish work in the pursuit of a procedural architecture.

Next issue: Send work by May 15 2015 – to aprohm (at)


We devote Issue 02 to procedural architecture, announcing the journal’s sub-title:


 notes for a procedural architecture


send us your work (essays/texts/reviews/artwork in any medium for digital publication) towards a procedural architecture – towards a more life-enhancing surrounding – in a more body-attuned building – and a more building-attuned body – pursuing a new organism-person-environment relation – drawings, plans, built work, movement studies, concepts, research, reviews, data, landscaping, theory, fiction, music, verse, performance, dance, actions, facts, phenomena, figures – for figuring out a future for ourselves and our species and our planet – life as we so decide it – all there is to know about the body at the service of an architecture built for being 100% at the service of the body – the becoming architectural body – us and architecture stacking the odds back against death, and going forward with the work of building a world that can grow a body (life) that can go on living.
future book publication: Pieces published in the online issues of PROCEDURES will be considered for republication in an edited print volume, targetted for 2017.

send us your texts (doc), image files (tiff,png,jpg), video (mp4, mov. by download link), sound (mp3), or anything as a weblink

to aprohm (at)



editorial team: Alan Prohm, Jondi Keane

PROCEDURES 01/01+ / Jan 2015 / Com(more)moration Issue + supplement (with work by Madeline Gins, Charles Bernstein, Bob Bowen, George Quasha and Charles Stein, Jondi Keane, Alan Prohm, Marie-Dominique Garnier, Jake Kennedy, Solveig Styve Holte, Marte Reithaug Sterud and Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness)

Procedures2precoverPROCEDURES 02 / Notes for a Procedural Architecture / for May 2015

Send your work by May 15 2015 – to: aprohm (at)







* Procedural architecture is discussed in chapter 5 of Madeline Gins and Arakawa’s Architectural Body (University of Alabama Press, 2002), and in other of their writings, including this definition on The Reversible Destiny Foundation’s website: Procedural Architecture